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We're the leader in door replacement in and around the Columbus, Ohio, area. We carry metal doors, french doors, bifold doors, hinged doors, sliding doors, pocket doors, barn doors, pivot doors, and more

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Free Project Estimation
Free Project Estimation

While some Columbus, Ohio door installers charge a fee for project quotations, our installers offer it for free. Again, despite their extensive knowledge and proven track record, they charge less for completed projects than most competitors. Yet, you’ll receive the highest professional craftsmanship.

In addition, our Columbus door installers provide custom financing options to help you complete your project on time. This funding arrangement lessens the financial burden on you.

Workplace Professionalism
Workplace Professionalism

Our Columbus door installers adhere to the highest work ethic. So, you’ll benefit from their integrity, fairness, accountability, and communication. With these values, you’re assured of the right door materials and styles.

This ensures transparency while guaranteeing the quality of work.

Lifetime Warranty
Lifetime Warranty

Ohio Door Replacement provides high-quality products that withstand the test of time. We provide unrivaled warranty protection in the industry. A lifetime warranty that covers both materials and workmanship backs most of our products.

As a result, we will replace any item that develops a defect in materials or workmanship under normal use and care for free. However, products that have been damaged due to misuse or abuse are not covered.

About Ohio Door Replacement

Ohio Door Replacement is synonymous with excellence, elegance, longevity, integrity, and originality. As the premier Columbus door replacement company in Ohio, we recognize your door is the soul of your home that welcomes your loved ones—relatives, friends, and business partners.

Therefore, with this recognition, we specialize in offering custom front doors with the highest quality, better security, elegant style, and gorgeous entry at a competitive price. We also offer exterior doors, interior doors, barn doors, and hardware products that fit your lifestyle.

For this reason, we have become the best door replacement brand for homeowners, designers, builders, etc. Ohio Door Replacement is a family-owned company passionate about helping build a beautiful and safe local community.

To meet this expectation, we use certified artisans to offer full door installation, service, and maintenance with a lifetime warranty. At Ohio Door Replacement, we make the front door replacement process stress-free, giving you the perfect peace of mind you need.

The Quality of Our Doors

Since 2002, we have exceeded Columbu, Ohio customer expectations with our super-quality doors, which has earned us the trust of residents and the envy of our competitors in Columbus, Ohio. We specialize in all door types to serve the diverse needs of Ohio residents.

So, you can get Dutch, French, roller, hinged, bifold, and sliding doors, among others, from us. In addition, if you desire metal, wood, fiberglass, PVC, glass, etc. We offer unique designs to meet your preferences, lifestyle, and budget.

All our well-engineered doors share three common qualities, and these are adaptability, durability, and aesthetically pleasing. With these three values, we separate our brand from the competition. Remember, we are the leading company that speaks the language of doors in Ohio.

Our Core Values
Our Core Values

Our core values at the Ohio Door Replacement include:

  • Integrity
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Charity-driven
  • Innovative thinking and creativity 
  • Concern for the environment 
  • Excellence and community growth
Our Mission
Our Mission
To provide our loyal customers with premium-quality and aesthetically pleasing doors that provide the highest level of security, comfort, and nature-friendly at an unbeatable price.
Our Vision
Our Vision

We aim to lead the Columbus, Ohio door replacement industry by providing exceptional customer service, industry knowledge, and craftsmanship while utilizing innovative technology.

We use state-of-the-art technology, we guarantee you functional doors. Our doors are weather-resistant, energy-efficient, burglar-proof, and good-looking. In addition, they increase your property’s value while impressing your neighbors.


Our Expert Door Installers

Ohio Replacement Door has one of the leading experts in door installation in the area. Our door installers are highly trained and skilled professionals. In addition, they are driven by passion, creativity, and the desire to improve the curb appeal of homes in Ohio.

Interestingly, whenever you meet any of our dedicated installers, you’ll be greeted with friendliness and professionalism. As a result, this makes us the most preferred choice in Ohio and its bordering towns. 


Experienced Door Professionals

We have the best Columbus door installers in the industry to work on your project. This ensures your doors are installed correctly to provide the highest comfort and security. Importantly, our installers have been plying their trade for over twenty years.


They have also completed over thirty-five thousand projects across Ohio and its surrounding areas. With this background, your door installation is in the safest pair of professional hands.


Certified Professionals:

Door installation isn’t a simple task you can entrust to any artisan. It’s a demanding job that requires specific training and certification. Thankfully, our door installers are highly trained and certified by the relevant authorities in the field.

Therefore, they know the installation technique for each type of door. Using our certified installers will help avoid costly mistakes that will undermine the integrity of your project.


Local Codes of Awareness:

Codes rule the door replacement sector. Interestingly, there are codes for doors and properties. Yet, some door installers aren’t up to speed with these all-important local requirements. However, our door installers are knowledgeable about the codes in the locality.


So, they will inform and educate you on these codes and regulations governing door replacement. Following their expert advice will ensure you have the safest and coziest home.

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We have dozens of high-quality front doors, back doors, and sliding doors to select from. Contact us today for your free quote.