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Our Company's History


What started as a childhood dream has grown to become the premier door replacement company in Columbus, Ohio. Ohio Door Replacement is a family business started 2006. 


Ohio Door Replacement expands its product offerings to meet the diverse needs of its customers. Before the expansion, the brand specialized in only wooden doors. Also, it operated from a tiny office in the founder's home. In addition, it had a single van for its work.


However, with the first few successful projects, the company aimed for something bigger, better, and all-inclusive. It was the time the company increased its product range and added several facilities. From here onwards, innovation and customer service became its primary focus.


So, it started serving homeowners who preferred glass, vinyl, fiberglass, and other durable materials. Also, it didn't ignore the vast array of modern styles and designs. In 2007, Ohio Replacement Door augmented its workforce with more qualified installers and salespersons.


It was a response to the increasing demand for its door replacement services. The company also introduced several training programs to upgrade the skills of its workers. In addition, the workers enjoy some of the best monetary packages in the industry.


Ohio Door Replacement puts these incentives so clients can get better value for their money. Surprisingly, this top management's strategic approach has met expectations.


It's worth noting that the company's initial success was due to its expert installers, friendly sales team, and high-value products. Interestingly, this standard remains at the core of the company's dealings. They form the core values at Ohio Replacement Door.


Our installers at Ohio Door Replacement are dedicated, trustworthy, and certified to work on your project with professionalism. In addition, we guarantee that our products are energy-efficient, durable, and highly protective.


Today, Ohio Door Replacement employs over 20 workers and uses state-of-the-art technology to serve Ohio's residents. Once again, this is a solution to the growing demand for our door replacement services.

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