Explore endless possibilities with immaculate and durable Masonite doors


At Ohio Masonite doors, we live by the mantra—protection matters. This inspires us to produce safer, brighter, cleaner, and more sparkling products. We combine research, design, technology, and your ideas to make durable, beautiful Columbus doors that stand the test of time. 


We can create your precise dream style with a few questions relating to your house type, color likeness, favorite shape, natural view, and sofa type. For the past decades, we have perfected this approach to produce remarkable interior and exterior doors of exceptional quality.


So, we make products to meet the diverse needs of our clients and the environment. And that's why our Columbus, Ohio client base has expanded to include hotels, schools, banks, homeowners, etc. Therefore, you'll find the perfect doors that meet your lifestyle while protecting the environment. 


Columbus Masonite doors makes products that blend energy efficiency, colorful curb appeal, durability, and high performance to equate value for money. You'll enjoy extra protection, comfort, a reduction in utility bills, and your home's highest degree of durability. 


For several decades, Masonite doors has engineered some of the most outstanding custom doors in the industry to ensure more natural light in your life. They are rigorous, earth-friendly, decorative, and always provide unmatched security. 


First, you can count on our M-Pwr Smart Doors. They come with lights, power, smart locks, and video doorbells. These innovative features are the first front doors in the residential space. Owning these doors will boost your pride while giving you utmost security and durability. 


Also, we have coastal impact doors for residents living in and around the coastal zone. Many dream of enjoying the ocean view, but only a few can afford it. This is because it's expensive and comes with its potential threats. These include tsunamis and hurricanes.   


To shelter our clients against these elements, we engineer our coastal impact doors with the highest technology and craftsmanship. This powerful blend with quality materials ensures they guard against the most formidable ocean threats. So, you'll live the ocean dream with less worry. 


As a company passionate about humanity, we also craft doors that reduce noise. So, our doors ensure the optimal sound enters and leaves your room without any negative influence. The result is a quiet and relaxing home that benefits the entire family. 


Also, in line with this is our environmental interest. Here, we focus on using materials that can be recycled. Interestingly, this inspired our goal of making stunning, long-lasting doors to protect people and the planet. You'll never look elsewhere with doors from Masonite. 


At Masonite doors, we adhere to meticulous quality control. We invite experts to test our doors. This ensures they meet specifications and codes and can withstand the weather elements. As a result, you can use our products with confidence and peace of mind.  


Because of our quality control, you'll receive extended, more comprehensive warranties. Our promise may differ depending on the door type, but you can be confident that it will be the most extensive in the industry. 


This leaves you with much less to worry about when purchasing our products. You will also be working with the best artisans in the industry. This is because our craftsmanship is second to none and the most demanded in the area.


Again, you'll receive a service that exceeds expectations from our hardworking artisans. Hence, if you want to add more natural light to your home, let Masonite be your choice. We guarantee your safety, your home's curb appeal, and the environment's protection. 


At Ohio Masonite doors, we thrive on teamwork, quality service, affordability, and customer happiness. Therefore, we make superior products that offer our clients beautiful and safe homes.  

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